Introduction –   Fastag is a Radio Frequency Identification      Technology (RFID) introduced by the Government of India in October 2017 by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway. This measure was taken keeping in scrutiny several inconveniences for both individual drivers and the nation at large. 

It  is scanned and read by the tag reader at toll plazas, and the toll amount is deducted from the bank account linked to your Fastag or your Fastag’s prepaid wallet. This enables you to skip queues and pass toll plazas without having to stop at all, allowing you to save on time.

Use of Fastag – Fastag is affixed to the windscreen of the vehicle and is linked to a prepaid account. Toll payments are made through RFID, as the vehicle drives through the toll gate, which means you do not have to stop at a toll plaza on your journey.

How to Apply –

 Through Our website

  • Apply for your Fastag in our website
  • Upload the required documents on our portal, as requested
  • Make the payment for your Fastag
  • Your Fastag will be delivered to your registered address in a few days

Through Our office

  • Visit our office and fill in the Fastag application form
  • Submit the required documents, along with the form to our Employee
  • Make the payment for your Fastag

Your Fastag will be delivered to your registered address in a few days

How to activate Fastag – Visit our website/office and get the Fastag linked with your existing bank account. For this, you will have to submit the KYC document and also the Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle.

How to check balance – You can find out the balance in your FASTag account instantly through different modes: online, mobile application, SMS, and customer care helpline. As of now, 


  • Visit the website.
  • Log into the Fastag portal on the website with your login credentials
  • You can now view your balance details

Mobile application:

This mobile application is linked to the Prepaid Wallet.

  • Download the ‘’My Fastag App’’ on your mobile device. This is compatible with both ios and Android.
  • Enter your log in details.
  • Then You can view your balance amount.


Once you have opened your Fastag account and linked your mobile number to it, updates will be sent via SMS each time a deduction has been made from your account. Details will be sent regarding your account balance, toll payments, recharge confirmations, and notifications on low balance.


 How to recharge Fastags?


In case you have linked the Fastag to prepaid wallet, then it can be recharged through cheque or through debit card/ credit card/ Net Banking, etc.


But if your account is linked to the Fastag, the money will be directly deducted.


Can we use Fastag with two or more vehicles?

 No. You have to buy two separate Fastags for two vehicles.


Is Fastag mandatory – Yes. Since 16 February 2021, the Government of India has made it mandatory for users to have

Fastag installed on their four-wheeler vehicles. Without having the Fastag, the user will have to pay double the toll amount.